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A man from the Universe
Got wrong item but Correct item was matching with my expectation.

Waste of Money. Quality of material and assembly is unacceptable. Uses 5 button batteries. Light switch doesn't work. Can't trust the gauge.Updated on January, 25After I posted my displeasure in review, I was contacted from the seller. She sincerely offered apologies and found the wrong item was sent by Amazon. The seller refunded full price and offered me a correct item for evaluation.I received yesterday and found it was not what I received before. As it was definitely Amazon's fault, I re-evaluate the product and revise my review score.This product uses two AAA batteries. The flash light and LED lights are bright enough to use where you don't have much light. It is very convinient. Tire pressure gauge showed reproducible reading in 10 trials of four tires. I am very happy with the accuracy. Also the pop-out window hammer is easy to activate. The weight of device is optimal for me.However, when I keep is in a original card board box, I found the display light was on when I reopen it. This is because the display button was easily pressed by outer objects. This needs to be improved.

Un producto �til, de acuerdo a lo descrito

Si me agragado el producto

Chris Borges
this is a solid product

for my car tires i love it!

Nice accurate gauge with bonus features.

I own a 2013 Jeep Wrangler and i offroad quite frequently and we are usually airing down before we hit the trails and then obviously airing back up when we are done. I needed and accurate tire gauge and this one just happened to have some extra bonus features added on to suit my needs. Ive tried quite a few tire gauges over my time (analog and digital) and this has to be the most accurate that ive used yet. I compared the psi of the tool vs the professional ones at a tire shop and it was pretty damn close to being spot on.It has a bunch of added features that are handy like the LED light and even the Red light. The seat belt cutter hopefully will not come in handy along with the window hammer but should they ever be needed its good to have them . The back lit display is bright enough to see the numbers in the dark or early morning before the suns comes up on your way out. Im not getting any younger so a nice large bright display really helps out rather than trying to read those small lines on the analog gauges.Long story short, its a tire gauge.and it works. Having the addons with it just make it that much better along with the price you cant go wrong.

Dani T
Do not recommend

Very cheap plastic and the Psi reading was not accurate