I created CarPartsVault in an effort to have everyone that likes taking care of their vehicle all in one place. I remember thinking about getting a car and thought to myself it’s so much maintenance and money to take care of.

I would always hear all the time from people who go to the mechanic and get screwed over on maintenance and/or unexpected fees. If you didn’t have a mechanic you trusted locally where you live it was always a roll the dice situation on what would happen to your car when it’s at the shop.

I thought to myself it’s very hard to take care of your vehicle if you didn’t know what you were doing. I knew that before I got a car I should learn what would I need to have in order to do the basics in maintaining and repairing my vehicle on my own without going to the mechanic.

I would only go to the mechanic if I couldn’t figure out what was wrong myself or couldn’t fix the solution on my own. There are good mechanics out there but it’s still better to be safe than sorry and learn how to do this on your own as it’s cost-efficient and a good hobby.

I remember my brother once told me that our dad would mark parts of his engine so that whenever he would bring it to a mechanic he wasn’t sure if he would know if they switched out his parts. I thought to myself surely it’s not that serious and he was probably paranoid.

But sure enough, my brother then said after my dad got his car back the parts that he marked weren’t there and he knew at that moment that the mechanic switched out his new good parts for old worn down parts which is a pretty scummy thing to do.

My dad then demanded for all his parts to be put back after he told them he marked all the parts the mechanic replaced and the mechanic agreed to put them back. Now I’m not trying to say all mechanics are like that because my dad had a bad feeling about them in the first place but its experiences like that should show knowing how your vehicle works and being able to do the basics when it comes to maintenance and repair is the key to a long and reliable ride.

So with that suggestion, I would take a lesson from my dad and mark my car parts as well to make sure they were still there after it’s done being from the shop it’s better to be safe than sorry and I suggest you do the same. I also remember another time where a local mechanic took care of all my family members with their vehicle but the thing is he worked for someone else and helped as a side job.

But one day my uncle screwed it up and unknowingly told the boss himself the reason he was there and it was supposed to be a secret you can guess what happened next. The mechanic helping our family got in trouble and stopped doing side jobs we couldn’t go there anymore for reliable cost-efficient service.

The point of the matter is learning how your car works and working on it is actually fun and not all that bad. The more you learn how something works the easier it is especially when you teach it to others. I created CarPartsVault in mind to be able to work on your own vehicle on your own terms with the tools/accessories you need to accomplish that.

You can save money, have a hobby, learn new things, and have no one else handle your vehicle unless you want them to on your own terms. This is why our goal is to create a community and give them the best experience possible and cultivate the best products when it comes to maintenance and repair with their vehicle.